The Good Kind of Cheap Date

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Hello Friends! I realize I made this video, The Good Kind of Cheap Date, but never posted it here. Dope! Silly me. I hope you enjoy and get some good ideas for your ideal kinds of ‘cheap date.’ And I promise, they are possible and wonderful!

Check out the video below where my fiancee (at the time, now husband- wahooo) and I take in a free concert, Friday jazz in the park. We went shopping for some snacks and brought a blanket to enjoy the afternoon. We spent around $15 at Trader Joes (I heart TJs) for crackers, cheese, meats and such. And, we did purchase a pitcher of sangria at the park for about $20. Together that’s $35 for two people, or $17.50 per person for those counting, to enjoy a date together with some live music and great energy. (yes we did buy ice cream so add that in but that was a bit impromptu). Cheap date? Yes please!

You can also check out my YouTube Channel here. Keeping in theme, the channel is called My Wonderfund.  Please subscribe! It’s just getting started, but, let me know what you like and I will make sure and post more. 

And, if you think finding something free to do is silly, remember, it’s all about mindset! Quality of life is not measured by money spent. Check out this post on abundance and consider it’s all about how you frame things, like a free concert in the park. Time together, time outdoors, time celebrating your city, time in community with other locals. Awesome!

How do you find out what’s going on in your city? The lovely google of course! Kidding, kind of. Check out your city pages for a calendar. Also, check out things like ‘business improvement districts,’ or BIDs, as they usually put on fun events to draw people to a neighborhood. Check out neighborhood webpages for a calendar of events. And, cities will usually have some local groups highlighting cool events to check out. Google can usually point you in the right direction if you google ‘things going on in enter city here.’

Have fun!


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