Easy way to save some cash…

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….. drink less! I know, I know…. you’re looking at me like ‘what?!’ But, hear me out. This will be less painful than you think and is a great way to keep yourself on budget and/or to save some cash.

Have you looked at the prices of a glass of wine, beer or cocktail and thought, “hmmmm, I could buy a whole bottle or 6 pack for that same price’? Yea, been there and thought that too. Like $10 for a glass of wine? I can find plenty of solid bottles at that price point. You all know my affinity for Trader Joes (they have a fab wine department!), as I mentioned on my last post, The Good Kind of Cheep Date.

Ok, so, I promise I am not telling you to not drink socially. Not at all! I get it, it’s lovely to have a glass of wine with friends. But, I have a few suggestions for social ideas that don’t involve drinking. And, if you would like to have some drinks with fiends, why not host at your home? So much more bang for the buck! And, it’s very cozy.

I ran across this article in The Cut and thought- yes! ‘How do I make plans without getting a drink?’ I have been thinking about the same thing myself. It’s an easy natural default- ‘let’s get a drink!’ But, what about putting a few other ideas in the repertoire so we have some other natural default options to spend time with friends. I have been working on this and here are some of my favorite ideas…..

Meet friends for coffee,

especially at a local coffee shop to support local. Yes, this is still spending money but not nearly the amount as one would spend on alcohol (especially if you have two drinks!) and achieves the same feeling of being out in a social place.

Enjoy a walk!

I always love getting in to nature but an urban walk is great, too. Consider a new area you’d like to explore. Or, perhaps, a farmers market. Maybe you have a nice public park nearby? So many options and all free- a serious way to have fun and save some cash.

Check out a museum.

Lots of cities have free or low cost museum options. You don’t have to be a huge buff on art, science, photography, history, name the museum topic to enjoy. This is a great way to learn a little something new, have some fun with a friend, and save some cash together. Check out what your city has to offer.

Wrap up

Going out for drinks is fun. But, it’s an easy way to drain your pockets and fast. When friends ask to meet up for drinks here’s an easy way to offer some alternate ideas… ‘hey! that sounds great. but, how about we head out for a walk this weekend or check out a new exhibit at the local museum?’ Your friends will think that’s a great idea! Promise! It just takes someone with a unique new idea, and, that’s YOU!

So, stop getting drinks out so much and save some cash (and, hello, calories!) in the process.



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