The App

Feb 2019 // The latest: My Wonderfund the app is in development and we are getting close! It’s super exciting. Stay tuned…..

Welcome to My Wonderfund. This space and app grew out of a desire to provide tools and resources for women to own/slay/conquer/crush their personal finances. I believe financial confidence is fundamental to women feeling empowered. If I can help empower you, that would make me so happy!

Story time! How this all began- one weekend morning I had the idea for an app. After leaving the gym and thinking about getting a $5 coffee on my 10 minute walk home, I stopped in my tracks and thought …

‘no, I can walk home and make coffee and save some money…. I wish I had a way to track and celebrate personal victories of overcoming impulse purchases.’

Maybe I could track this in an app? I thought the idea was clever as did some friends when I described the idea. But, I’d never made an app. I’m an energy economist?!

I couldn’t kick the dream and the desire to make a tool to help people change financial habits. So, I embarked on the dream which became My Wonderfund. 

As I dove into the world of personal finances and personal financial management, I realized I have tips, information, and encouragement to share, especially for women on their own personal finance journey.

So, here it is friends. I’d love to hear from you.

Cheers, Lisa